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Hello Art and Craft Enthusiasts,

June 18, 2020

My last post was back in late March when many were looking for internal calm or peace with social distancing or isolation during this COVID-19 Pandemic. The sanity-balance between staying informed, connecting with others, working, or relaxing, has definitely been a challenge these past months. Although we may feel limited within our homes, community, cities and provinces, it seems that slowly many are venturing out more as restrictions are lifted.

My parents are still quite restricted with protected visitations and for this I am grateful. I do realize they would like to get out or even get a hug from a family member instead of a telephone call, a Skype visit or a distant visit with protective masks. We are so grateful for the good-caring support they have been receiving in separate facilities-homes. They tell me often how grateful they are but how they miss each other. ---- So now you know what is on my mind and in my heart during these times."This too shall Pass" is one of the mantras I use to get through some moments.....

It's been over a month since I was in my first ON-LINE Art Show "Transitions" with the Federation of Canadian Artists. I was pleased to sell two collages during the show and then a third a week later. The three pieces were Grain Elevators from my new series "Prairiescape-Remnants." This year I began a collage series titled “Prairiescape-Remnants” where I gathered precious scraps of art materials to create patchwork prairie scenes. This series was inspired by connections with rural Alberta: my father’s recollections of living in a C.P.R. station, across the tracks from six grain elevators, my mom’s stitch work and thrifty ways, and my love of story. The grain elevator has become an icon of Canadian Prairie Life and the remnants of their past still exist in the minds of those who viewed, worked, visited and played in them. Sometimes these memories are embellished with excitement or even diminished because of memory recall. With this series I am interested in the abstract; pushing the envelope from representation.

Prairiescape-Remnants #7

(Mixed Media on Yupo 12"H x 9"W)

by Lori Clipperton

Lori Clipperton