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Lori Clipperton

Lori Clipperton

In June 2014, I received my BFA with distinction from the University of Calgary. My main professor influences were Eric Cameron, Peter Deacon, David Bershad, Gerry Hushlak, William Laing and associate professors Linda Carreiro, Dr. Jennifer Eiserman and Jean-Rene Leblanc. The "OTHER" 10 artists in the studio concentration program at that time were a joy to be around. Their spontaneity, creativity, support, youthfulness and inspiration still resonates with me.

I enjoy working with a variety of mediums, like oil and acrylic painting, collage works, alcohol inks, photography and audio art. In 2010 I completed a series based around the idea of “Story – The Dance of Life”. The series includes themes such as Joy, Journey, Rebuilding, and Relationships. I draw my inspiration from personal experiences and observations of others. In my spare time I can be found: researching, writing short stories, gardening and making art cards. I also teach workshops in my home studio.

As a young girl I was interested in crafts, sewing clothes and altering store bought patterns, always wanting to wear something a little different than my peers. When I became a mother I introduced my children to crafts, sewing and knitting just like my mother had done with me. When my children were at school and I had time on my hands outside of family and volunteering, I ventured into cake decorating, fulfilling the Clipperton family tradition of having special birthday cakes. After taking a few cake decorating courses I could be found delivering specially designed cakes to various events. I changed my focus from edible art in 2000 when I began taking University classes.

I first applied to the University of Calgary as a part-time unclassified student, taking many classes through Weekend University. My first U of C class was Drawing I, my next class was an English Drama Literature Class. Thoroughly enjoying myself immersed in learning I continued taking one or two courses a year. In the fall of 2005 I was accepted into the Faculty of Humanities, and later I completed an art portfolio. In the fall of 2008 I was accepted as an art major and in the Fall of 2009 I was accepted into the Studio Concentration program. Please see my Curriculum Vitae for more information on my Education, Art Exhibitions, and Awards.

I was accepted into E.C.A.P (Emerging Canadian Artist Profiling Initiative) in May 2009. Cenera ran a good program that helped me to expose my art to a larger audience. In April 2017, I cut my strings to the progam, yet I am grateful for the emerging assistance they gave me.

Since U of C graduation I have been working out of my home studio creating art and teaching art. In October 2016 I was juried into the Canadian Federation of Artists as an Active Member. I also attend the Calgary Chapter meetings of the Federation of Canadian Artists. My art work can be seen through this website. Enjoy !