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Landscape Tapestry XXVIII Landscape Tapestry XXIV Landscape Tapestry XXV Landscape Tapestry XXIV Landscape Tapestry XXII Landscape Tapestry XIX Faith, Charity & Hope #4 Landscape Tapestry XVII Landscape Tapestry XVI Balance and Renewal Earthly Pour Earthly Delight II Circle of Life Diverging Harmony & Understanding Embers Look at Me Feeling Stuck Iron Lady - Lattice of Love Elements Pulse Synthesis Intuitive Regatta Ink Pots Flower-and-Bird Shards of Light and Colour Inbetween In the Thicket Decending Respite I Within Channel of Peace Balance II New Hope A Garden Prayer Integration I Memories VI


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Faith, Charity & Hope #1 Hope II Fall Festival Landscape Tapestry XXIII Earthly Delight Poppies Hope III Faith, Charity & Hope #2 Faith, Charity & Hope #3 The Poppy Within the Faux Earth Essence Nova Scotia Winter Quiet Earthly Essence Controlled Chaos Rising Above Parenting III Parenting II Parenting I Nimble Threads Flowscape #2 Sunny Day Winter Dwelling Earthly Essence #2 Flowscape #1 Down by the Sea Harvest of Faith Possibilities Breath-scape III Relaxation Another Day Respite II AirBorne Obscured Musical Picnic A Vibrant Night Breathe-Scape II