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Welcome to my Website and to bits of my life story.

As some of you may know the past three to four years has been very difficult for my parents and family. Supporting our parents in their final years was a priority and I am forever grateful to those who also shared in this journey with loving intentions and compassion. My dad recently passed and mom passed back in 2020.

My life has forever been changed, my heart and emotions are still tender as I continue to process grief... I am pondering where this next chapter of my life is going... In the meantime, I have gladly returned to teaching art workshops and attending a few Art Shows and Markets. I look forward to painting more often. I have desires to travel overseas again, however the unrest we see in the world may delay this desire...

Lori Clipperton

I am a member of the Canadian Federation of Artists and a member of the Leighton Art Centre. My art and art cards can be purchased at the Leighton Art Centre near Millarville, Alberta and in Inspire Studio, Gallery & Cafe in Medicine Hat, Alberta. PRINTS are also available through Art Magik

“I work primarily with acrylics, alcohol ink and mixed media. I love to make large spontaneous marks when I begin most paintings. These loose marks suggest routes that I can take with the work. Since I am a tactile learner it is important for me to add layers of texture to my work, allowing me to feel my way through the piece. This assists me in achieving a sense of depth. I love variety; it is a must in my art practice! Abstract thought and life’s metaphors have my interest.”

Lori Clipperton

Lori Clipperton

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